Egyptian-Palestinian activist Ramy Shaath freed after over 2 years of custody

According to a judiciary source, after nearly two and half years in custody, Egypt’s prosecution ordered the release of Egyptian-Palestinian activist Ramy Shaath on Monday.

There are few details of his bail, but some sources say Shaath, the son of veteran Palestinian politician Nabil Shaath, “has been released by the prosecution.”

According to his wife statement, French National Celine Lebrun said that “she heard the news of his husband, but all she knows is he is not out yet.”

She added that she would release a statement once he is finally out or at home.

Lebrun was an exile from Egypt shortly after his husband arrest.

MP Mohamed Anwar Sadat announced the sudden decision to release “Shaath” and deport him earlier on Monday.

Shaath, 50, was a prominent figure in 2011 who upraised Egypt and was also the coordinator of the Egyptian chapter that boycotted the Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel.

He got arrested in 2019 July and faced allegations for helping an organisation that belonged to terrorism.

In April 2020, his name came on the terror list along with 12 other people.

In December, five human rights organisations petitioned French President Emmanuel Macron to put on Egypt to release Shaath.

Macron previously addressed his detention at a news conference in Paris with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in December 2020.

Egypt’s space for conflict has been severely restricted since Sisi took office in 2014.

According to the Rights group statement, Egypt holds nearly 60,000 political prisoners, many of them facing difficulties under challenging conditions, and cells are very crowded. Prisoners are facing challenges there.

Egypt ranks lowest on the Global Public Policy Institute’s Academic Freedom Index.

The decision of releasing Shatth comes after a month of debate in Egyptian court freed researcher Patrick Zaki whose bailed in 2020 flashed international censure.

Zaki was freed from jail on December 7, but still, he is facing charges in case of “Spreading False news” as well as harming national security.

Zaki bailed also pushed ties with Italy, where he had been studying.

In an interview held in 2019 with the show of 60 minutes on a US broadcaster, in his view, there were no political prisoners in Egypt.

The retired army chief became the president in 2014 after leading the military of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in the year 2013.