Funeral of NAMASOLE MARGARET NAGAWA SIWOZA was not able to be answered

East Africa: The prime minister of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga, has requested to preserve and strengthen the culture of singing because it is important to preserve Buganda and strengthen tribes, yet religion has not been abandoned.

This was in the message that he was carrying the first person Prof. Twaha Kaawaase, who represented him in the funeral of the late Oweek. Margaret Nagawa Siwoza, former Nnamasole of Buganda, was at the family of the late Buziga in Kampala.


Nnamasole Margaret Siwoza is better than last year.

The prime minister has thanked King Mugema, the head of the monkey clan, for fulfilling the rumours and traditions that are going to cause the death in Buganda.



He is the spokesperson of the National Assembly, Augustine Kizito Mutumba, and has requested people to stop copying and comparing other countries’ cultures, yet they forget their morals.

I gave an example of making songs, a girl introduction, and other events that bring out the glory of Buganda.


Omutaka Mugema, Nsejjere Mugwanya, praised the good things Nnamasole Margaret Siwoza did during his time with the clan, people are not the same, and Buganda to be together.

The deceased was inherited by Damalie Nantongo Muganzi, on the Nnamasole and in blood, he was inherited from Harriet Nammuli, and he was given to Babirye Nakabugo as his Lubuga.

The prayer of the church was led by the pastor of Mugongo in Bussabaddiinkoni of Nateete, Rev. Samuel Kalibbala, who requested people to try to bear fruits of the world that benefit others.

The sister of the late uncle of the king, Ssabaganzi Emmanuel Ssekitoleko, has thanked all those who stood with him in the treatment of the deceased and even in the difficult time he died.