Gaborone City Council hosts workshop on Standards of Operation

Gaborone City Council hosted a three day Standards of Operation workshop over the previous week to ensure better service delivery.

Gaborone City Council hosts workshop on Standards of Operation, Image: facebook
Gaborone City Council hosts workshop on Standards of Operation, Image: facebook

Botswana: Gaborone City Council hosted a three-day Standards of Operation workshop last week. Through this workshop, the organizers want to encourage the attendants to come up with initiatives to help accelerate service delivery.

Further, try also want to work towards educating the social workers on improved tools, standards and procedures for better service delivery. The team has shared that the they are working hard to improve the service sector of the country.

The team also shared some images from the three-day workshop, giving people a glimpse into the proceedings. Gaborone City Town Clerk Lopang Pule delivered brief remarks at the event. The Gaborone City Town Clerk emphasized that social workers need to follow social work ethics.

Further, Pule stressed that social workers need an association as a regulating body to guide them. He stressed that the association will compel social workers to register and be de-registered when they fail to follow social work ethics when they work with sensitive issues.

As such, the sector can be regulated more strictly and stakeholders held accountable for their actions. Gaborone City Council Town Clerk Pule further stressed that confidentiality is key for social workers and urged them to be objective in their work.

He asked the social workers to be impartial when dealing with cases and writing reports and to manage cases on time. He further added that the role of social workers is crucial, hence the need to retool.

Pule asserted that educating and training the social workers on new standards of operation will ensure that customers will be serviced on time. They can also be assured that the issue will be dealt with discreetly as their issues require.

Meanwhile, Chief Social and Community Development Officer Segopotso Dikai applauded social workers and caretakers for their work. She acknowledged that they are engaged in providing services despite the challenges they face on a daily basis.

She has urged social workers to work closely with other stakeholders like Childline Botswana and other non governmental organization to curb the working gap to ensure smooth case management.