Hakainde Hichilema vows to improve maternal, newborn healthcare

Zambia: The President of Zambia, Hakainde Hichilema has pledged to work on ending preventable maternal and newborn deaths. The government under his charge is working tireless to improve the status of health facilities that are available to the people.

The President asserted that his government is considering steps that can help in improving the health status of the newborns. The President, who is currently in Kenya at the invitation of president William Ruto was represented by his second in Command.

Vice President, Mutale Nalumango, delivered these remarks on behalf of President Hichilema at the Maternal and New-Born Summit. The event was hosted at Mulungushi International Conference Centre on Thursday.

The aim of the event was to ensure to the people of the country that they are working on improving the healthcare infrastructure of the nation. Further, the President claimed that they have undertaken several initiatives to ensure good maternal and new born health.

He informed the people that the government has recruited 14, 000 Health Care Workers in the last two years. Further, they have also hired a an additional 4,000 health workers in this year.

He added that in 2024, his government is focusing on completing and equipping all unfinished health facilities. The officials have shared that they have started the construction of Cancer Hospitals in Livingstone and Ndola.

Hichilema further spoke of increasing treasury allocation to the health sector, with the aspiration of attaining the Abuja Declaration. This particular mandate requires governments to allocate 15 per cent of their national budgets to the sector.

He revealed that the Zambia government is currently at 12 per cent of the Abuja Declaration.

The President also indicated that the government has stabilised the supply chain of essential medicines and medical supplies to the availability level of 80 per cent in just one year.

Hakainde Hichilema further pointed out that the government has established a Medicines and Medical Supplies fund to sustain the availability of medicines.