Highway U-turn ends in serious collision

Accident cases are increasing day by day in the country, and one more case was reported yesterday, in which two people were seriously injured. Three others escaped with minor injuries because their driver tried to make a U-turn on the N2 on the KwaZulu-Natal north coast Sunday night. 

IPSS Medical Rescue doctors responded to Bridge 14 in Gungindlovu on the N2 after a collision between two light motor vehicles. 


As per the accident scene reports, a vehicle attempting to do a U-turn on the highway is where they were struck by the second vehicle, said IPSS. 

A family of four was travelling in one vehicle.

“Two patients sustained severe injuries and were treated under IPSS Medical advanced life support. Another two family members were lucky to escape with minor injuries. 

IPSS Medical transported the family to a nearby facility. 

“The second vehicle driver sustained minor injuries and was transported by Alerts EMS,” said IPSS.

The police will investigate the incident. 


The U-Turn remains one of the most dangerous driver manoeuvres on roads worldwide. Paramedics respond daily to severe trauma from crashes that could have been prevented had it not been for the hasty decision to make a U-turn in traffic.

As per reports, the number of traffic deaths per 100,000 in South Africa only and it is increased by 18 percent between 2000 and 2018.

In 2018, 22.4 traffic deaths per 100,000 inhabitants were recorded, as compared to 19.9 in 1990. The mortality rate remains extremely high and has consistently been above 20 in recent years.

The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) said the N1 is one of the most dangerous roads in the country. The stretch in Limpopo, between Mokopane and Louis Trichardt, has seen fatal crashes, speeding, fatigue and reckless driving, which have caused accidents.


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