I am least surprised by attacks from opposition Prez Gen Mao on NUP: Mpuuga

The opponent leader of the Parliament, ‘Mathias Mpuuga’ stated that he is not so surprised by the devastating attacks coming from the opposition Democratic Party (DP) President ‘General Norbert Mao’ on the National Unity Platform (NUP) and its officials.

Mpuuga, who crossed from the DP to NUP, stated that he had known Mao for quite some time, and his attacks are not surprisingly personal.

“The conflicts are personal and would not translate to Democratic Party (DP). I have known the person of Norbert Mao, and from some time and for the person I know, I am not surprised.”

Mpuuga argued that the comments from Mao are those from a person who is discouraged and frustrated with the desperate need for help.

They further stated that they think he is very frustrated, and I think he is discouraged.

Furthermore, he added that rising up and looking at the days of UYD and what he was, for what he ought to have been and who he is now because I feel he is frustrated right now and those who are around him is responsible for talking to him and let him know all will be well.

However, Mpuuga agrees with Mao’s need for a united opposition. He stated that opponents think they are supporters of the opposition party and with condescending directions.

He claims that even individuals used to think that they are less deserving to lead, so in this criteria, they are responsible. And there are also those who think that they are smarties, thinking they own opposition both within and outside the Parliament.

Mao has currently launched attacks on the NUP and their officials and called them a “Fake Opposition”.

Mao blamed the party for duplicity, disloyalty and corruption. He even warned the tornado that he was soon going yet expose the dirt of his party.

“A tornado is going to mangle apart the plumage wrapping the red rooster’s behind, revealing what is hidden. Keep your eyes skinned. You’re more righteous than thou perspective is a fake face for awkwardness and corruption. Gulu is desirable. Let me have a drink of potted water. I wish I had a fridge,” he stated.