‘In Total’ band all set to host 4th Legends Night

The annual event ‘Legends Night’ is back with its 4th edition and is ready to have a successful event in 2024 hosted by band 'In Total'

Zimbabwe: The annual event ‘Legends Night’ is back with its 4th edition and is ready to have a successful event. This year in 2024 the prominent sensational musical band of young instrumentalists ‘In Total’ is going to host the biggest event at 7 Arts Theatre in Harare.

The musical band group announced, that they will host the fourth edition of the annual event. The Legends Night 2024 is sponsored by Ecobank, Crediconnect and Triggershot among others.


Considering the upcoming event, the leader of the group – Joseph Chinouriri said that the preparations are at an advanced stage with rehearsals taking place. He said that tis time they have decided to big and it is their fourth edition too.

Mentioning about the sponsorship the band said, “This year they have joined hands with Ecobank who are their platinum sponsor and have changed the name to ‘Ecobank Legends Night’. We have also partnered with Crediconnect and Triggershot who are supporting the event.”

When asked what inspired the Legends Night – Leader Chinouriri said that they idolized yesteryear music which was topical and trending at that time, while they were still young, if not yet born.

Joseph Chinouriri added that the show only focuses on the band, as there are no other acts.

For the band, it is like performing in Coachella as all eyes will be on the band. “There are no other musicians or instrumentalists who will be playing,” said Chinouriri.

The band leader said that they aim to inspire everyone to believe in their culture and heritage as local legends inspire them.


Sharing their ambition, the In Total band expressed that they want to cross borders and show the world what Zimbabwe is made of. The band said, “Next year we will grow bigger and better.”

Notably, the Legends Night event will be hosted by the band’s resident master of ceremony – Kudzai Macheka, popularly known as Chekaz.

“The event will begin at 5:00 p.m., and Chekaz will host the show. We started with him and sometimes we used to have the Comic Pastor gracing our production, said the leader of In Total.

The ‘In Total’ band was formed in 2014, by Takakunda Mukundu as lead guitarist, Naphtali Civandikwa as base guitarist and the leader Joseph Chinouriri himself on saxophone.

Back in 2014, ten years ago, the band was formed after the first family wedding as the band was really in demand at this time.

They said that they called it ‘In Total’, because one of their friends Mbaki Nleya hosted a Jesus and Jazz concert and in his citation, he included the words ‘In Total’ and from there they thought it was a good name and put them together.