Kenya implores Uganda to issue fresh dates for trade mission

Kenya urges Uganda to issue them a new date for a trade mission to Kampala after getting an invitation to attend the talks in the neighbouring country late.

Moreover, Kenya’s panel was supposed to begin the trade mission in Uganda on Monday after Kampala finally issued a date.

However, he got the letter late, which was issued by the Foreign Affairs and Trade ministries, encouraging Kenya to decide an additional date to give room for preparations.

Kenya showed his desire to visit Uganda to ensure that all the milk that comes from there is produced by the local farmers of Uganda, following all the allegations that were imposed on them said the milk comes from any other third party nation as powder and reconstituted before it is shipped to Kenya as fresh.

According to the Livestock Principal, Secretary Harry Kimtai, who is leading the panel, could not able to make it this week. He added that he needed new dates to comply with Uganda’s terms.

Moreover, he said, “I saw the letter today’s morning only, and it’s not possible to make it this week because we need to come up with a list of ambassadors who are going to be the part of trade mission as according to the terms of reference issued by Uganda.

They include trade experts, customs officials, and some food scientists in their team, who will play a vital role during the proposed trade talks.

Kenya wants to ensure that Uganda has been attaching to the East African Community rules of origin on milk exports from Kampala before restarting normal trade of the commodity following a 2019 ban.

According to Mr Kimtai, once they affirm that Uganda can produce surplus milk supplied to Kenya, the matter will automatically solve once and for all.

In a year, the meeting by the Kenya representatives to Uganda has been postponed three times, delaying their resumption of normal trade on dairy products between the two nations.