Sudan: Pro-military groups protests against UN’s plan to end the crises

Yesterday, UN representatives came up with an idea to resolve the major issues which are prevailing in Sudan. At the same time, pro-military protestors have taken to the roads of Khartoum in order to protest against the peacemaking policy of the UN in the capital, Khartoum.

As per the sources, yesterday, thousands of protestors rallied in front of the office of UNIAMS, the United Nations mission which led negotiations with Sudanese sections this month.

They were also holding banners which were stating, “Down, down UN”, and some of them are rebuking the UN special representatives Volkjer Perthes to “Go back home.”

According to one of the protestors, “We do not need any external interference in our country.”

According to the Perthes, the talks aims to “support the Sudanese, so that they can reach a conclusion on the current crises.” But, he also added, that they did not carry any type of project, presentation or draft for a solution.”

UNITAMS said on Twitter that the protestors group was demanding the removal of the mission.

They also mentioned that “We defend freedom of assembly and expression and also offered to receive a panel in our premises which they refused.”

Sudan faced disruption from the time since the military leader Abdel Fattah al-Burhan power was seized on October 25, which left the country fragile. It put an end to an unsteady power-sharing agreement between the troops and civilian leaders that had been bargained after a popular uprising deposed thirty years ruler Omar al-Bashir.

The Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC), Sudan’s main civilian bloc, has also said it would join talks “to revive the democratic transition.”

Conference held yesterday in which the leader of FFC Omar al-Degeir called on the international community to come and stand with Sudanese people so that they can achieve their demand to reverse the coup.”

According to Stephaine Khoury, UNITAMS director of political affairs, “our aim at this stage of talks was to hear the Sudanese stakeholders and to ensure that we are listening to them and actively give them views and suggestions.”

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