US to donate 2 million Pfizer vaccines to Kenya and Morocco

The United States will soon provide the 2 million COVID-19 Vaccine doses of Pfizer to the African nations of Kenya and Morocco, according to the reports of the White House on January 26. The U.S. is giving it as a donation.

As per the White House Official. “We are pleased to announce that we are capable enough to deliver the safe and effective vaccines to the people of Kenya and Morocco.”


According to the press secretary of White House, “Jen Psaki, “such kind of donation will bring them to a Landmark.

“Today, we crashed with a major milestone in our worldwide effort to be the arsenal of vaccines: 400 million doses of vaccines have already delivered to 112 total countries for free, said Psaki on Wednesday.

“To put America’s leadership into standpoint, we have shipped four times free vaccines to the world as compared to any other nations. And this is our top effort to boost the manufacturing at home and abroad, our close partnership with the people who manufacture the vaccine to hard-hit areas and our work to turn vaccines into vaccinations around the globe.

“In the latest round of donations, Kenya is the country that received 517,140 doses of two-dose Pfizer vaccine and on the other Morocco received 1,599,390 doses. Moreover, this donation will be distributed by COVAX, a foundation that ensures that every country gets an equal amount of COVID-19 vaccines.

In both countries, the legal and regulatory team is also hired to deliver the safest and most effective tranches of a vaccine. These new doses come from the half-billion doses secured by President Joe Biden’s government over the summer, said the White House.

Health advocates of Africa welcomed the donations but, at the same time, questioned that are these vaccines are enough- especially considering the point that the U.S. is already promoted booster shots for those who are vaccinated.


“Less than 10 percent of the people in Africa have received a vaccine, and more than 3 billion people around the world have not received their first dose.”