Kenya Ships Agents Association appoints Elijah Mbare as new CEO of East African Branch

Kenya Ships Agents Association (KSAA) has appointed Elijah Mbare FICS as their new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He has been chosen as an esteemed Chairman of the East Africa Branch, marking a pivotal moment in the organisation’s leadership.

Reportedly, the significant announcement was made by the executive committee on May 06, 2024, heralding Elijah’s imminent assumption of the role for CEO.

As per the sources, with a distinguished career path the appointment of Elijah brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his new position that includes invaluable tenure at PIL Kenya Ltd.

Furthermore, the current role of Mbare FICS as a Chairman of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS) East Africa branch underlines the deep understanding of the maritime industry and his commitment towards advancement of its standards.

Elijah Mbare as new CEO of KSAA
Elijah Mbare as new CEO of KSAA

Considerably, the entire Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers extended a heartfelt congratulations to Elijah Mbare on his well-deserved appointment as CEO. His visionary leadership and dedication towards the excellence are sure to steer the Kenya Ships Agents Association towards continued success and growth.

Kenya Ships Agents Association (KSAA) is open to Ship Agents incorporated in Kenya, who represents Kenyan or East African Businesses, shipping lines, ship owners and charterers.

Their overall purpose is to promote ethical business and best practice, to facilitate seaborne trade and economic growth in Kenya and the wider East Africa Region.

logo of Kenya Ships Agents Associations (KSAA)
logo of Kenya Ships Agents Association (KSAA)

To achieve such objectives KSAA has to maintain and promote the code of conduct and ethics and to encourage the best practice. The act is the custodian of the industry’s future which actively promotes training programs.

It also needs to consult with the Government agencies and non-governmental organisations in order to agree on common policies that aims to reduce the cost of importing and exporting commodities into East Africa.

KSAA also needs to assist it by improving the efficiency of supply chain systems in East Africa and thereby reduces overall costs to Kenyan consumers and the neighbours.

The association also aims to promote Kenya, specifically the Port of Mombasa as a trade hub for East Africa.

Notably, KSAA consult with both Government and Private Agencies in Kenya. These majorly includes Kenya Ports Authority, Kenya Maritime Authority, Kenya Revenue Authority, Kenya International Freight and Warehousing Association.

It also includes Shippers Council of East Africa, Kenya Railways, Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KESPA), among others and internationally we consult with The Federation of National Associations of Ship Brokers and Agents (FONASBA)

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