Local entrepreneurs mention benefits from first Uganda – Thailand Business Forum

Africa’s local business community has benefited from first-ever Uganda – Thailand Business Forum. 

According to the organizers attached to the ministry of Foreign Affairs, the forum will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, between June 13 to June 17, 2022.


In a phone interview, Moses Kasujja Kalule, Uganda High Commission Charge ’ D’ Affaires in Malaysia, stated that the forum would help to develop working relationships between Uganda and Thailand’s business communities.

According to Kasujja, “We want the Uganda business community to make a channel via which they can meet with the Thailand business community, and this forum will be that channel.”

He further stated that they would be expecting Ugandans from the sectors of manufacturing, tourism, industry, traders, and agriculturalists, among others.

The forum has been said to be a milestone for economic ties between Thailand and Uganda.

As per the government officials, this enhancement will open the door to numerous opportunities, especially for Thailand businesses in Uganda. The country’s economy gets a boost and creates more job opportunities. 

According to officials, the forum will also provide multiple networking opportunities between businesses and the government, as well as a platform to debate and answer critical questions.


Ambassador Kalule said that this website which is going to be held by the forum, would be held on an annual basis, with the next one slated to take place in Kampala, Uganda.

Ugandans who may want to be upfront at the forum should register through Barbra Mulwana, Uganda Manufacturers’ Association chairperson, and the Foreign Affairs ministry.


The fast-growing sectors are Agriculture, Telecommunication, Banking, Infrastructure, and Oil and Gas. Side Fact: At least 10 African countries rank among the top ten sources for at least a mineral resource.

5 Most Profitable Businesses In Africa:

  • Automobile Business: Africans from rural areas migrate to urban areas for better job opportunities. 
  • Solar Power.
  • Agribusiness. 
  • Affordable Housing. 
  • Waste Recycling. 
  • Africa is Looming with Business Opportunities.