Anita Among requests MPs to contribute money to help educate Oulanyah’s children

The newly-elected Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among, has given directions to the Members of Parliament and said that they would need to contribute funds to use that funds to sponsor Oulanyah’s children in their education and also the other children who he was supporting.

While addressing grievers at Oulanyah’s residence in Muyenga, Among told the lawmakers that this contribution is crucial in this cause so that they can ensure that these children are given support in terms of paying fees, among others.


According to Among, “the children of Oulanyah, we want to pledge that we are a parliament of Uganda and have an additional responsibility towards Jacob’s children. You are our children as Parliament.”

Oulanyah was supporting nearly 101 students at Seroma Christan High School. The students of that school appealed to the administration of Africa and especially to the current Speaker of the Parliament, ‘Anita Among, to step into the gap of supporting them.

Moreover, Among also applauded President Museveni as well as NRM for supporting the dream of Oulanyah of becoming the Speaker of Parliament.

Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny Dollo revealed that they established a Jacob Oulanyah Education Fund in order to support the children of the late Speaker and all those he was paying fees for to continue their education.

“We have set up the Jacob Oulanyah Education Trust Fund, which I am honored to chair. Our vow, our determination that Oulanyah’s children may not be able to see him now, but their dreams and pursuit of education will continue as if he was alive,” said Owiny- Dollo.


The body of the former Speaker is currently at his residence in Muyenga so that his friends and well-wishers can pay their last respects.

On April 5, today, the body will be moved to the Parliament for MPs to pay their final respects.

On Wednesday, there will be a state funeral for Oulanyah at Kololo ceremonial grounds.

The burying will be held on April 8 at his traditional home at Lalogi village in Omoro, and the day will be considered as a public holiday.