Malawi Red Cross Society launches fundraiser in Flag Week

Malawi Red Cross Society (MRCS) launched flag week at division level in Blantyre, the event was hosted on Friday

Malawi: Malawi Red Cross Society (MRCS) launched flag week at division level in Blantyre. The launch event was hosted on Friday with several stakeholders of the Malawi Red Cross Society in attendance. The aimed of the event was to engage in fundraising activities in different areas in the district.

The volunteers of the Red Cross organization a=have come together to conduct fundraising activities. They were working hard to make the initiatives a grand success for the people of the country. The members of the MRCS understand the role that the organiza


MRCS Blantyre Division Chairperson, Geoffrey Francis Magwede spoke about the significance of the event. The Blantyre Division Chairperson noted that said MRCS volunteers will be moving in various places like schools, markets and churches to fundraise.

He also highlighted that they are working towards a target of K10 million funds. The members of the organization highlighted that this is the target specifically for the Blantyre Division

Magwede disclosed that during the flag week at national level the MRCS expects to raise K160 million. The funds raised during the Flag week will help the organization extend their support to the people who need help.

The President of Malawi, Dr Lazarus Chakwera launched the flag week at national level in Lilongwe on Friday. The theme of the commemoration was announced as, Keeping Humanity Alive.

Blantyre District Commissioner, Alex Mdooko commended the Malawi Red Cross Society for providing humanitarian assistance in the district. They have supported the  people of Blantyre in several situations and time of disasters.

He highlighted that the MRCS had come forward to support the people of the country during Tropical Cyclone Freddy. He stressed that the MRCS was the first to arrive on the scene for the response.


“When the district was affected by the Tropical Cyclone Freddy, MRCS was the first organisation that came to our rescue,” he said.

The District Commissioner therefore encouraged people in Blantyre to support the MRCS during the flag week. The support of the people can help the organization reach their divisional as well as national goal for fundraising.