Mao preaches unity rather than hatred amongst themselves

The President of the Democratic Party (DP) ‘Nobert Mao‘ has united Ugandans, and said they should learn from the death of the Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah’. He gave a lecture on unity and said we should focus on unity rather than hatred amongst ourselves.

The death of Oulanyah happened on Sunday morning in Seatle, United States, where he was under observation and receiving treatment following months of battling a yet to be known disease.


Day after the death of Oulanyah, Mao, alongside deputy Speaker ‘Anita Among’, Chief Justice’ Owiny Dollo’, and the Speaker and the Speaker’s brother had flown to the U.S to check on him.

During his statement, which was issued on Sunday, the party chairman of DP stated that he was heartbroken and sad about the death of Oulanyah but thanked God he was one of the few people that saw the Speaker alive before he slipped away.

After that, Mao advised Ugandans that Oulanyah’s sufferings and death be a turning point for Ugandans in order to confront things that divide them if they want to progress in whatever they do.

According to Mao, Uganda can still be the same and promised land it is meant to be. But we wander in the Sinai desert of hatred fuelled by despair. Yet beyond the horizon lies Canaan! It is my prayer that our brother’s death may plant a new seed of hope that will overcome the suffering that makes us turn on each other rather than to each other.

Mao noted that there is always a choice between validating conspiracy theories or celebrating a life of significance amidst all the sorrow, confusion, and cynicism.

“There is a place and time for considering the scheme theories. For now, we should celebrate a life lived with uncommon courage and conviction.”


According to the Parliamentary Pensions Act, Oulanyah is expected to be a public holiday.

Even President Museveni activated the National Organizing Committee on Monday. They started this scheme under the Minister of the presidency, ‘Milly Babalanda’, in order to organize the official burial of the Late Speaker.

Museveni also directed that all the flags in Uganda fly at half-mast until the burial of Oulanyah.

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