NUP Leaders wants to destroy me: Mao

The General President of the Democratic Party (DP) ‘Norbert Mao’ has given the statement yesterday that he is all ready to become the sacrifice for a better Uganda by later exposing the “hypocrisy” of the National Unity Platform (NUP).

Mao said that he has always resisted domination for all his life, and anyone who thinks that he can bully him into silence is wasting time.


On Wednesday, Mao made these statements while emerging on NBS Television’s Morning Breeze.

Mao stated that “I have had this information about this party (NUP) for long. The pregnancy period for my ideas which I am now unleashing, is very long. These all ideas that have been burning inside me for a long time, and I am all ready for a better Uganda.”

Since last month, the DP boss has been involved in an online battle with sections of opposition supporters following his attack on NUP leaders.

His Twitter tirade has ruffled feathers in the opposition, with many stakeholders were discussing between themselves what Mao’s endgame is.

While speaking to NBS, Mao stated that his tweets “show disappointment, rather than anger.”

Furthermore, Mao stated, “This situation is just like when an ‘A’ student gets an ‘F’. This is Uganda. We must deal with the question we’ve been avoiding.”


Mao also Tweeted about the story of Jesus in the Bible, in which he said that this is the time when Jesus ‘lost it’ after he found that his business was conducted in the temple.

“In almost everybody’s life, we always face that one point where there is no way to return, and you must need to draw a red line on that point. I don’t mind being Judged, but I hope that I will be judged rightly,” said Mao.

When the media asked why he does not lead the way and hold talks with NUP instead of yelling on social media, Mao stated that he has always believed in dialogue, but the challenge is that NUP does not want to talk.

In the end, he stated that he really wanted to meet with the NUP leaders, including Hon. Kyagulanyi, but they do not want to talk; they just want to destroy Mao. Do you catch what NUP promoters say on Twitter?”

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