Matero Township Police arrests man for assault

Zambia: A suspected leader of a notorious gang has been arrested in Lusaka’s Matero Township after he was discovered assaulting a man. The suspect is known in the crime circles as Black Fish.

The police force of Lusaka arrested the man after some members of the community saw him assaulting a victim. The police force clarified that he has been causing havoc around Shadrecks Traffic Lights in Lusaka’s Matero Township.

The suspect has been identified as Gift Banda and has been on the wanted list of the police force for a long time. The members of the community have shared their appreciation with the members of the Police Force.

After the arrest of the notorious criminal, the area will be more peaceful and safe for the people of the country. The people have appreciated the actions of the Police Force, saying that the action was much needed.

Deputy Police Public Relations Officer, Danny Mwale shared the details of the arrest with the members of the media. He claimed that the suspect was apprehended after beating a 33-year-old man.

The victim who was assaulted by Black Fish sustained a swollen forehead, cuts on the lips and was profusely bleeding from the nose. The members of the Police Force found and arrested the suspect from a mob while they were patrolling the area

Mwale explains that Police Officers, were on patrol in Lusaka’s on May 5, 2024, around 11:00 hours. At this point, they found a mob near Shadrecks Bridge and later discovered that someone was being beaten while people were watching.

He says upon seeing Police presence, the suspect ran away from the  scene leaving his victim injured and bleeding. The Officers gave chase and managed to apprehend him, with the victim rushed to the Hospital where he is currently admitted.

As per the latest updates available to the media Mwale noted that Officers are yet to establish the reason behind the assault of the 33-year-old man. The investigation into the incident is currently in progress.