Melissa Skerrit announces Roseau Central Mothers Day event

Dominica: Melissa Skerrit, the Minister of Housing and urban Development in the government of the  Commonwealth of Dominica is hosting a Mother’s Day Sunset BBQ and Bingo. The event will bring all the mothers of Roseau Central together on May 11 to celebrate Mother’s Day 2024.

The aim of the event to honor and celebrate the mothers and their significance and impact on the countless lives. Minister Skerrit took it upon herself to make the day special for the women of the country and give them the spotlight they deserve.

Skerrit who is a mother of two remarkable children leaves no stone unturned to make the women of her community feel special. The Sunset BBQ and Bingo event will be hosted at the City Breeze Apartments on Saturday.

The event has been an annual traditional for the mothers of Roseau Central. The aim of the organizers is to make sure that the mothers of the community have a day where they can relax.

Minister Skerrit has announced that they would be prioritizing the comfort and fun of the mothers during the evening of Barbeque and Bingo. The attending mothers of the constituency will also have the opportunity to win gifts from the games they would play.

The Parliamentary representative of Roseau Central highlighted the significance of mothers saying that they are irreplaceable. She further added that it is always an hoonor for her and her team to celebrate the mothers.

The Mother’s Day celebratory event will start at 6:00 PM on Saturday. The event will be open for all the mothers of the constituency. The mothers day celebration is one of the many events that the Minister of Housing et al, hosts in honor of the women in her community.

Recently, she hosted Volume 3 of the Women’s Symposium where she highlighted and interacted with the women of her constituency about several important topics of discussion.

The initiative was originally born as a means to commemorate International Women’s Day. However, the attendants found the event inspiring enough to demand that Minister Skerrit and her continue hosting the sessions.

Each volume of the symposium features a different woman, who shares her story and journey, inspiring other women to achieve their dreams and passions. The event is a testament to the development of the women in her community.

The people of Dominica appreciated Minister Melissa Skerrit for taking the initiative to celebrate mothers day. They also applauded her for her constant efforts to engage her constituents in productive initiatives.