MPs question the cost of 2.5-kilometer Entebbe-Kampala bypass road

Members of Parliament from the Physical Planning and Infrastructure Committee have at risk of breaking and causing the ongoing investigation on a 2.5km road linked with Entebbe-Kampala Road, which goes through Katabi town, over what they defined as positively inflated costs.

According to Queried the Entebbe Municipality MP,’ Michael Kakembo’ questioned how this particular road now costs Shs 14 billion, yet it is just 2.5km can?

This is a two-lane road whose construction comes under the Chinese firm Chine Wu Yi and comes under the supervision of Entebbe Municipality is funded at the cost of Shs 14.5 billion under the Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development (USMID) project.

During the inspection, ‘Ronald Baliwezo’ stated that “we should really make sure that the money is used well. We have many other community roads within the cities and municipalities that need to be carpeted. But what is special with this 2.5km road? We need to audit this agreement and see if all the parameters add up.

The World Bank funds USMID under a $360 million blend of credit lines and grants.

We aim to promote the quality and transport of the infrastructure in 10 cities and 22 municipalities across the country.

State ministers Obiga Kania and Sam Mayanja, of Urban Planning and Lands respectively, led the MPs in the field review of the road works in Entebbe Municipality.

Leave the delay works within some of the performance of cities and the municipalities. There are also worries about the original costs per kilometer of the road network that is made under the USMID project.

Dr Isaac Mutenyo, the programme coordinator of USMID, stated that the additional works such as broader and deeper drainage channels, street lighting, and others raise the cost per km unit of the construction works under the programme.