Mwanza Malambo pledges to crack down on Junkie Attacks

Zambia: Monze District Commissioner Mwanza Malambo has given a 24-hour ultimatum to the Monze Police Service to stop the junkie attacks in the region. The officials have come forward to highlight that they are seeing increasing numbers of attacks from the drug addicted youngsters.

Most of the people in the district are extremely affected by the increasing numbers of these attacks in the region. The leadership has shared that they are working towards dealing with this crisis and shared their plans with the media.


The junkies have been terrorizing the cimmunities of the district for several weeks. The people have reached out to the authorities in large numbers to share their grievances.

The District Commissioner shared that he had directed the police force to get their resources together and work on this issue. The people of the district have shared that they are concerned for their safety and the safety of their loved ones.

Mwanza emphasized that the Monze Police, equipped with three new land cruisers procured under the Constituency Development Fund (CDF). The Police officers should conduct intensive patrols to address the menace.

The surge in junkie attacks has been alarming, affecting residents in Monze’s Manungu, Freedom, Hill Top, and Showgrounds neighbourhoods. Reports of terrorized individuals have flooded Mwanza’s office, with incidents occurring as early as 19 hours.

To address this pressing issue, Mwanza convened a stakeholders’ meeting on Thursday, May 30. The said meeting involved local leaders and law enforcement officials of the district.

In the meeting, he said that the government has to intervene in this matter, to safeguard people’s freedom of movement.


Residents are cautioned against harbouring the mentioned individuals, as they may also be held accountable if discovered. Mwanza encourages collaboration between residents and the police to identify those involved in such vices.

He pledges to work closely with the police to eradicate junkie-related incidents from the community by Saturday, June 1st.

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