Nigeria confirms attack of Monkeypox with 558 cases, eight deaths

Nigeria, Africa: As per the recent reports of Sunday that the United Kingdom Health Security Agency (UKHSA) that a citizen of England had been diagnosed with Monkeypox, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has confirmed the spread of the disease with 558 cases and eight deaths in 32 states of the federation.

According to UKSHA that the patient had recently travelled from Nigeria. The person receives care at the Infectious Disease Unit of Guy’s and St. Thomas NHS Foundation Trust in London.

Monkeypox is one of the more rare viral infections, which kills one in every ten patients, but does not spread swiftly. An epidemiological summary published yesterday by the NCDC pointed out that since September 2017, Nigeria has continued to report sporadic cases of the disease, with a National Technical Working Group (TWG) monitoring infections and strengthening preparedness/response capacity.

As per the centre that 46 suspected infections were reported between January 1 and April 30 this year, with 15 confirmed cases from seven states – Adamawa (three), Lagos (three), Cross River (two), Abuja (two), Kano (two), Delta (two) and Imo (one) – but so far no death had been recorded.

According to NCDC that ten suspected cases in April were reported from seven states – Bayelsa (three), Lagos (two), Kano (one), FCT (one), Delta (one), Edo (one) and Ogun (one).

The first five positive cases of Monkeypox in the month were confirmed from four states – Lagos (two), FCT (one), Kano (one) and Delta (one).

From September 2017 to April 30, 2022, a total of 558 suspected cases were reported from 32 states.

It noted that of the reported cases, 241 (43.2 per cent) had been confirmed in 22 states – Rivers (52), Bayelsa (43), Lagos (33), Delta (31), Cross River (16), Edo (10), Imo (nine), Akwa Ibom (seven), Oyo (six), FCT (eight), Enugu (four), Abia (three), Plateau (three), Adamawa (three), Nasarawa (two), Benue (two), Anambra (two), Ekiti (two), Kano (two), Ebonyi (one), Niger (one) and Ogun (one).

As per the NCDC, eight deaths have been registered with a Case Fatality Ratio (CFR) of 3.3 per cent in six states – namely Edo (two), Lagos (two), Imo (one), Cross River (one), FCT (one) and Rivers (one) – from September 2017 to April 30, 2022.