Lady Du gifts her mother a Mercedes Benz

One of the African musicians, lady Dudu Ngwenya also known as Amapiano, gifted her mother a Mercedes Benz, Kompressor on the occasion of World Mother’s day in order to express her love for her mother.

The artist posted an emotional video in which her mother was emotional and couldn’t believe her daughter had brought her a new car. 


The mother of Lady Du’s was speechless when she saw the car and couldn’t even hold the keys when they were handed to her. 

The musician was also emotional and crying and said, “this car is for you, mama”. The Mercedes had customised number plates that read, “For Mom”. 


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She posted videos and photos on her Instagram with the caption, “Today was the most emotional day of my entire life. I told her I wanted to take her out since I didn’t yesterday; MOM, thank you for teaching me God, for being the strongest woman I know.”

Last week, Lady Du’s father spoke against her after she blamed her upbringing in a low-income family. Some net citizens claimed they grew up with the Woza hitmaker, alleging she was a wealthy child in their neighbourhood.

That video also got viral on all social media platforms; Lady Du’s father, popularly known as DJ Choc, refused his daughter’s claims, saying she made up that she grew up in poverty, adding he had afforded her a great life. 

I don’t know what my daughter is talking about when she says she grew up poor. I worked hard to give everything to her around the globe. She went and h*ed around and consumed money with all these men, and she continued to spend money on these men.


“What is she doing now? She did not raise up poor; she had everything she needed. Right now, she is who right now is all because of me. Today you see me as a piece of shit, but she can go around telling people she grew up poor,” he yelled. 

He further called his daughter a “dog”. Even Lady Du reacted to her father’s video and told her words were taken out of context and reached out to her dad in order to resolve the matter. 

She stated: I didn’t watch the video but was informed about it as she was trending on Twitter. The star attempted to speak to her dad, who said he was “hurting”.

“He’s hurting, and I desire to get to the point and find out the issue. If a person is hurt and does it to that extent, I need to do it, not by myself but with elders, so we get to the bottom of why and what got him to that state.”

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