Nigerian hospitals continues to be rated as worst hospitals globally: Reports

For the past few years, Nigerian hospitals have been rated as the worst hospitals globally. The study states that Nigerian hospitals are ranked 142 among 195 countries. The worst part is that they are cankerworms, which is slowly eating deep and adversely affecting the well-being of an average Nigerian.

Currently, the country cannot brag of many standard operational hospitals to improve its citizens. And this is happening due to insufficient funding. The rich and classic maintained hospitals are only affordable for the wealthy Nigerians, making the needy Nigerians vulnerable to illness and possibly to death.


Every day Nigerians who are not so rich suffer from the consequences of substandard hospitals. Families suffering from Poverty, losing their children, the poor man suffers from the death of their Pregnant wives, and some of the eye witness their close relatives dying due to lack of health care facilities in the hospitals.

According to the Yewa zone, sick people have to travel from their village to town to look for a medical practitioner and access health facilities. This happened because of the poor state of hospitals.

Nigerian hospitals did not consider the term “Health is Wealth,” people heard it a million times, and the bottom line of Nigerians is they have an absence of good health care facilities.

According to the reports, People are getting depressed and are continuously protesting against the government authorities for seeking their attention towards prioritizing the currently prevailing issues in health sectors. Due to lack of health care facilities available, people are losing their lives and family members. Hospitals are also not receiving enough funds from the government

Every Nigerian have a right to good health and, if necessary, then to take proper treatment, regardless of their status.