No new COVID-19 restrictions will be imposed in the UK : PM Boris Johnson

Prime minister Boris Johnson has announced that government will impose no restrictions during the festive season but warned that the situation is finely balanced ahead of the new year.

PM Johnson said that, “people could continue with their plans for Christmas eve, but they have to be very careful towards their safety and citizens must get themselves tested before meeting their elders.”


Meanwhile, the prime minister warned the people about the spread of the Omicron-new variant of Covid-19.

Daily omicron cases in the UK rose to more than 100,000, and the death toll jumped to seven, the most considerable daily increase since the COVID- 19.

Total omicron cases traced in the country were 60,508, confirmed by the UK Health Security Agency(UKSHA) confirmed on Tuesday.

Yesterday, the UK also reported new COVID-19 cases had reached over 1,00,000, and the total number of cases in the country is 11,542,143.

The country also reported 172 coronavirus deaths. The total number of deaths in the UK now stands at 147,433.

According to the latest figures, around 89% of people aged 12 have had their first dose of vaccine, and 81% of the eligible population already had both doses of the vaccine. Over 52% have received booster jabs or the third dose of coronavirus vaccine.


PM Johnson further added that, “we keep our eye on the data of total cases, and we’ll do whatever necessary precautions are needed for public health. We continue to monitor omicron very closely. If the situation turns worse, we will be ready to take action if needed.”

He further implores the citizens to always consider safety protocols as a priority.