UK-EU should resolve their issues and focus on global challenges: Liz Truss

Britain’s foreign secretary, Liz Truss, said that UK-EU should resolve their issue quickly and focus more on global challenges.

Truss replaced David frost as the chief negotiator on Northern Ireland protocol.


Truss said, “we want a good and healthy relationship with the EU underpinned by trade and our shared belief in freedom and democracy. She said it’s not easy to resolve the issue by blinking an eye. It’s critical to fix the problems with potential.”

Truss, who visited Washington in September, is also aware that the Northern Ireland dispute is souring US-UK relations and delaying US sanctions on British metals exports.

But Truss has ensured the UK position will not change since she replaced frost in protest over the direction of travel who quit on Saturday.

Allies of Truss acknowledged that the foreign secretary had no plans to overturn Johnson’s concessions, intended to pave the way for a settlement on the northern Ireland protocol.

“She wants to speed up the talks,” one ally said, referring to the long-running talks on rewriting the protocol that governs regional trade.

Northern Ireland remains in the EU single market for goods under the provisions of the Brexit UK-EU should resolve their issues and focus on global challenges: Liz Trussdeal to avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland. However, this demands some trade checks between the UK and Northern Ireland.


Truss reiterated the UK’s threat to use the Article 16 override mechanism to suspend parts of the protocol if an agreement doesn’t reach, although she stated that she prefers to seek an agreed solution.