NRM party hosts Iftar dinner for Muslim community to improving ties

On Thursday, the ruling NRM party hosted an Iftar dinner for the Muslim community and Duwa prayers at the party headquarters in Kampala.

The NRM Secretary-General, ‘Richard Todwong’ stated at the function that the party welcomes people from all walks of life. 

Our thought behind this dinner preparation was to cement our relationship and open our doors more to welcoming you to our party. NRM is an all-inclusive party. We don’t segregate, point fingers or blackmail but embrace peace and unity,” Todwong said.

He stated by organising the Iftar sinner as well as Duwa prayers, the ruling party aims to win the trust of Muslims and bring them closer. 

Fight poverty:

Todwong didn’t leave the platform without highlighting the message of the party’s national chairman, President Museveni, of fighting poverty.

The NRM Secretary-General provoked the Muslim leaders to play a leading role in the fight which they are doing against poverty.

Moreover, they added that they would provide security, but the fight they are doing against poverty will go down to individuals. Where there is poverty, there is no peace because poverty is the biggest enemy of everybody, regardless of our religion and political affiliations. 

We need to fight for household poverty, which will translate into the peace we want. The challenges w have in our families mainly stem from poverty. If families live peacefully, it will trickle down the peace in the country. 

The NRM national Vice-chairman, Hajji Moses Kigongo urged the Muslim faithful to continue with the good stunts they have exhibited even after the holy month of Ramadan ends.

Deputy Mufti Sheikh Abdalla Ssemambo praised the ruling NRM party for managing the Iftar dinner as a sign of love and cooperation with Muslims.

“It is a symbol of humanitarianism and cooperation between us. 

According to Sheikh Ssemambo that this is a dinner of generosity and cooperation, and I am sure that Allah will continue to bless us and your efforts in steering the affairs of this country. Your close association with Muslims around the country is commendable. I would urge the NRM government to continue appreciating our stake as Muslims.

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