Marinos becomes third to face torture for playing Bobi Wine’s music

One of the old women, who is just 29-years-old, Alexandreos Marinos, has claimed that she was kidnapped first from her home, confined in a safe house and faced brutal torture for playing Bobi Wine’s music; she also claimed that she was raped.

According to the UPDF spokesperson, ‘Brig Felix Kulayigye’ declined to speak anything or comment anything on this matter when contacted.


Marinos, photos are getting viral day by day on all platforms of social media with visible marks of torture, and she told journalists she was handcuffed and bundled into a Toyota Hiase vehicle, also called a drone and whisked to a place she did not know.

“They wrapped my head and drove off to a place that I can not describe up to now; I just heard them unlocking the door and pushing me in,” Marinos told journalists.

Marinos is basically a resident of Mbuya. She further stated that her bullies were likely the security operatives at the CMI facility in Mbuya because it was very close to her home and the threats she was getting for playing Bobi Wine’s freedom songs.

Furthermore, they warned me against playing “Bobi Wine music”, and they gave me the order to stop supporting NUP– otherwise, I have to pay for that, and that would be a dreadful consequence, said Marinos.

While at the imprisonment facility, Marinos expressed that she was kicked in the ear, which she says is now injured, on the chest and around her spinal cord.

When she was in their custody, she said they asked me about the next move of Bobi Wine’s following plans and if she listens to Turkey-based government critic and vlogger Fred Lumbuye.


And I told them I do not know anything, and I last went to his house when they arrested him on nomination day, so there was no way I could do his plans, she added.

Marinos stated that she is an ex-National Resistance Movement (NRM) supporter and that she only changed her cooperation after the rise of Bobi Wine and NUP.

She told journalists that her bullies warned her against describing her trial to the media and that she is now in fear, not knowing what they will do next.

By press time, security was eventually coming out and ignoring the blame.

Marinos become the third person who is facing torture and going through the visible torture marks and suffering at the hands of security operatives.

Writer Kakwenza Rukirabashaija, who is now in removal, was the first in the current year to report about being tortured while in detention.

The next NUP Kasese Coordinator expressed he was arrested and imprisoned over his support for Bobi Wine.

Human rights groups have criticised acts of torture and called upon the government to address this problem.

President Museveni, who is also the commander in chief, stated that they are addressing the issue, but he attributed it to colonialists and traditional ideas that independent officers who are recruited into the army come with.