Oulanyah’s body arrives home after two weeks

There was a sad mood all over Uganda, and a dark cloud of grief flowed over Entebbe International Airport as the body of the former speaker of the Parliament and he was 11th speaker ‘Jacob Oulanyah‘ came back home on Friday afternoon.

Oulanyah died nearly two weeks ago during treatment in Seattle, US, and he was suffering from a terminal illness.


Sharp 2 pm on Friday, an Ethiopian Airlines aircraft A350 carrying the body of Oulanyah at Entebbe airport, and there were a number of Oulanyah friends, relatives, colleagues, and NRM party members there.

Many people, in which the Speaker of Parliament included, were there and doing nothing but crying as the casket containing the dead Oulanyah body was being lowered from the aircraft.

For Among, she had to be calmed and comforted by the Health Minister, Dr.Jane Ruth Aceng.


The body’s return has marked the start of week-long activities that will precede the grave of the former speaker of the 11th Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah, next week at his traditional home at Lalogi village in Omoro.

Oulanyah’s body will now be carried to A-Plus’s funeral home for embalmment.

The body will lie at the speaker’s home in Muyenga on Sunday and Monday for friends and well-wishers to pay their last respects.


On Tuesday, they will take the body to the Parliament of Uganda, where the current and new speaker of Parliament, ‘Anita Among’ will lead the members of Parliament in order to pay their final condolences.

As per the reports, the body will spend a night in Parliament on Tuesday before being taken to Kololo ceremonial grounds for a state funeral to be attended by President Museveni.

Oulanyah’s burying will be held on Friday, and the day will be taken as a public holiday.

Since Oulanyah’s death, the East Africa, Uganda, and any other flag in the country face flown at half-mast and will persist doing so until his burial next week as a way of mourning.

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