Oulanyah’s father pleads with CJ Owiny-Dollo to save his son from encroachers

The family of the former Speaker of Parliament, ‘Jacob Oulanyah’, is in trauma; two weeks before Oulanyah lost his life, and today his father, Nathon Okori, has pleaded with the Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo that his late son’s estate is safe from the encroachers.

However, he did not mention the estate’s location; after this statement, Okori also revealed that there was a particular lady who was trying to encroach on his late son’s estate to claim it.


His father even requested the Chief Justice to use his powers and stop the lady from proceeding with her intentions.

Okori pleaded, “Your lordship, the Chief Justice, I have learnt that a certain lady meddles with Jacob’s estate, tampering and hiding documents. You’re the one in charge of laws in Uganda. I want you to safeguard Jacob’s estate from meddlers.”

Speaking to mourners, Okori said that his deceased son had left him in Owiny-Dollo’s hands before going for treatment. He said he has no one to turn to for help apart from the Chief Justice.

He mentioned, “Your Lordship, the Chief Justice before Jacob went for treatment, and I told you that I would tell you some things in confidence, some of the things you are supposed to do and some of the things you promised us to do, you have done. I need your help because my son lost his life in your hands.”

Oulanyah was laid to rest at his traditional home in Omoro, Omoro district, on Friday, April 8, 2022.

The elected Member of Parliament for Omoro County died two weeks before, on March 20, 2022, in Washington, the United States.


According to the Minister of Health, Ruth Aceng had earlier been analysed with cancer. Aceng said that he died of multiple organ failure though his father insisted that Oulanyah told him that he had been poisoned at the funeral.