Parents Urged To Be Mindful Of Children’s Bus Cards

The Ministry of Education, Heritage & Arts has investigated and ascertained the reason behind the unfortunate incident where two students are seen to be walking back home after the bus driver did not let them board the bus.

The Ministry found that the two students, who are sisters and attend a primary school in Lautoka, were sharing a single e-ticketing card, resulting in the card balance running out faster than the expected timeframe.


The school has confirmed that the student whose card had been lost had already lost her card five times previously, and on all occasions, a replacement had been provided.

It was rather unfortunate that this incident happened because when the child lost the card, this was neither brought to the attention of the parents nor the school, and as such, a replacement card could not be facilitated.

Parents are urged to check their children’s transport cards daily and, in case of a missing card, to notify the respective schools as soon as possible for a quick replacement.

Hundreds of thousands of students have benefitted from the free transportation initiative provided by the Government for students since its inception, and it is important for parents to responsibly utilise this assistance.

The Ministry has a very clear guideline on lost e-ticketing cards, and a replacement is facilitated whenever the school is notified of such cases.

At the same time, the Ministry urges bus companies and drivers to exercise a compassionate approach in such unforeseen circumstances.


Parents who have concerns or issues are encouraged to contact the Ministry at 3320571.