Uganda’s Ministry is stuck with over 10,000 uncollected passports

According to the immigration department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs that they are still stuck with over 10,000 passports which remain uncollected by the owners. 

While addressing the journalists on Monday, the Internal Affairs Ministry spokesperson, ‘Simon Mundeyi’, stated that many Ugandans apply for passports. Still, most of them do not come and pick them up, leading to a pile at the passport office. 


According to Mundeyi, “We now have 10,000 passports lying out in Kyambogo passport collection centre pending collection. 

Furthermore, the ministry spokesperson explained that people first suffered from long queues for long. They decided to increase many other work stations and the number of staff to serve Ugandans and handle the several passport applications. 

He noted. Consequently, long queues have since been dealt with the problem, but a new issue has been born where several passports remain unclaimed.

As per Mundeyi, they also send text messages to Ugnads as a reminder to owners to claim their passports. Still, many have failed to pick up the travel documents leading to a pile at their passport office at Kyambogo. 

“I want to ask Ugandans who suffered looking for money, applied, paid and scheduled appointments to come and pick up their passports. We have made efforts to resend messages to them to ensure they come and pick them up, relieve us and create space but many remain piled up at our office. We have nowhere to keep passports because they are so many.”

However, a couple of months back, all Ugandans were in a panic about their passports, then the International Affairs Spokesperson’ Simon Peter Mundeyi’, Ugandans will no need to make their urgent plans to delay processing passports.


The speaker of the Internal Affairs made these all remarks when he was addressing journalists on Monday, March 21, 2022, during his joint security press conference at the Naguru Police headquarters.

Mundeyi also stated that Ugandans should stop travelling from other regions only for their passport process in Kampala, saying that they should use their regional offices in their areas.

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