PostBank donates goats to Muslim customers on occasion of Eid

PostBank Uganda, one of the financial institutes, has donated more than 30 goats to its Muslim customers ahead of Eid al-Fitr, a festival that celebrates the end of Ramadan in the Islam faith.

However, they gave the goats to the PostBank, head office, and these goats are a part of the bank’s contribution to ramp up its customers’ Eid celebrations as Ramadan draws to a close.

‘Andrew Agaba’ the Chief Business Officer, stated during the handover that Ramadan is a fulfilment of one of the most essential Islamic principles – fasting complemented by prayer, spiritual reflection on one’s deeds and giving to others.

Furthermore, they added that “It is in the same deal that we are giving to our respected customers today. These offerings are a reflection of our oneness with the Muslim community, and we hope that they will go a long way in igniting your Eid celebrations this year.”

Agaba also revealed in public that at a later date, the bank would give alms to an underprivileged Muslim community to enable them to join the Eid celebrations.

He said: “Today, we are happy and glad to be celebrating the end of Ramadan with our Muslim brothers and sisters.” “May Allah bountifully rewards you for your sacrifices.”

Worldwide, many people are celebrating Eid, and Eid al-Fitr is celebrated with a big dinner and gatherings, charity, people exchanging gifts and visiting their friends and family.

For Muslims, Eid is a very big festival. They did fasting from sunrise to sunset and lived without even drinking water. Eid is the completion of a 30-day fasting period in which they seek more guidance from Allah.

Azalwa Hassan, a customer of the bank, celebrated PostBank for the philanthropic gesture.

“What PostBank has done today is a gesture that the bank cares for its customers beyond just offering financial services,” he said.