Museveni speaks about his special relationship with FRELIMO

President Museveni has praised the role played by the Mozambique Liberation Front (FRELIMO) and former Tanzanian President Mwalimu Julius Nyerere in supporting Uganda’s liberation struggle.

FRELIMO is the industry which helps Uganda Front for National Salvation (FRONASA), which was the central part of the foundation of Ugnada’s National Liberation Army (UNLA), National Resistance Army (NRA), and later the UPDF.


On the other hand, Nyerere trained and presented logistical support to fighters, including Museveni.

While preaching to the board from Mozambique led by President Filipe Jacinto Nyusi at State House in Entebbe on Friday, Museveni explained the special relationship he had with FRELIMO.

According to the Museveni statement, “our relationship with FRELIMO, and many of residents are unaware and do not know about your brothers. I started working with FRELIMO in 1967. By then, it had been working for five years. Samuel Kankhomba was killed while I was in Mozambique, and he was organizing an ambush against the Portuguese for us to see how it was dont.”

Furthermore, he added the day we decided to meet and held a meeting in order to discuss another meeting with the students.

On Upanga road, there was a fuel station and a cafe where we were going to meet. I sat there for about two hours. He used to be punctual, so it was not normal for me to digest this news. I got on the bus to go back after a long wait, and when I got in, I heard people saying that the leader of Mozambique had been killed. The person I had been waiting for had been killed.”

Furthermore, president Museveni narrated that several groups took the initiative to give training to me, including five cadres, part of whom was Martin Mwesigwa, another one a Farm 17, the third one for 43 people who belonged to Mbale but were disbanded by Samora Machel for drinking too much alcohol.


Museveni reiterated his special bond with Mozambique that he said would live forever.

President Museveni noted that Uganda will always be ready and willing to offer support to their Mozambican brothers and sisters at any time.