Public beat women (59) for having sex with a teenage boy

Uganda people have recently beaten 59 years old woman for having sex with an 18 years youngster.

According to sources, Kedesi Katsigaire, 59, is blamed for being a sexual predator.


Women in her locality had called her out for degrading the dignity of women and even suggested that they would not mind if Ms Katsigaire were practising her suspicious behaviour with older men.

According to one of the social workers of Uganda, ‘Ms Jacenta Kamashengyero’ “When we entered in the suspects’ house, we found two of them on the bed all naked, and they started asking for forgiveness…but we decided that we should take them to the parish headquarters where we found the whole community assembled.”

However, it was shocking that the leaders did not object to Ms Katsigaire’s punishment of 10 strokes of the cane apart from the stern warning given by the village council chairperson, Mr Nathan Bigirwa.

According to Mr Bigirwa, “during the time of their arrest, we personally looked at all options. Collaborative work and caning. Ms Katsigaire chose to cane, and we decided to give her ten strokes of the cane as a warning to other [older] women.”

Kyeizobs’s Sub-Country chairperson Mr Victor Taremwa also favoured the punishment and stated that it was needed to instil dignity and good behaviour in their people.

Consequently, Ms Faith Batega, the Bushenyi District probation and welfare officer, and Mr Willy Bataringaya, the Bushenyi District Chief Administrative Officer, were of different opinions on the punishment given. The two were of the thought of not taking the law into our own hands.


Having endured public discipline, Ms Katsigaire has reportedly disappeared from the village.