Uganda: DP asks govt to fulfil promises done to women

A few days back, Uganda joined the rest of the world in order to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, Tuesday. Democratic Party (DP) Women’s league implored the government to implement its promises to Ugandans, most especially to the female gender.

During a press conference in Kampala, DP Women League president ‘Aisha Waligo’ implored the government to complete their promises related to Sanitary pads; she later said ‘Sanitary Pads’ is the key to menstrual remedy for the recorded school dropouts among the younger girls.

According to Waliggo, the public is well aware of the government’s unfulfilled promises in this country. You remember very well how President Museveni came out and promised sanitary towels to all the young women in this country from P.5. Up to now, that promise has never been fulfilled.

Furthermore, Waliggo stated that the high prices of commodities also pose a potential threat to women.

She stated that men always forget their partner’s role, and women are the ones toiling to ensure family sustainability.

‘Women have less soap because of a bar which was initially Shs. 3500, it is now almost Shs. 8000. Waliggo asked, Where are we heading to?

Regarding maternal health care, DP Women’s League expressed dissatisfaction over the expensive services offered by Mulago Hospital for women.

Mr President of Mulago hospital stated that this hospital is mainly built for women and are very expensive, and at the same time, they are calling it a women’s hospital. Please, if you are planning to give us something, give it to us wholeheartedly.

The DP women also expressed guilt over children and husbands who were arrested and tortured.

The women charged the government with keeping a blind eye on the perpetrators of human rights.

As a woman of the Democratic Party, we are well aware of our children’s torture in this country. It is the government’s mandate to give us protection. torture I’m this country is still going on.” She added.

Furthermore, DP Women expressed their curse on several other issues impacting the well-being of Uganda women, like the overwhelming teacher-Pupil ratio in schools, sexual harassment from men, and easy access to government services.

Even the theme of International Women’s Day was based on ‘gender equality today for sustainable tomorrow.

And the National celebrations took place at Kololo Independence Grounds, and several opposition political parties like NUP, FDC, DP held the celebrations at their own respective headquarters.