Rapper Jovi to distribute sanitary napkins to Baffousam girls

Rapper Jovi announced that he will be distributing sanitary napkins to young girls on Feb 17 at Baffousam to celebrate Mboko Day.

Cameroonian Rapper Jovi
Cameroonian Rapper Jovi

Cameroon: Rapper Jovi announced that he will distribute sanitary napkins to young girls on February 17 at Baffousam. The rapper also announced that the Mboko Gang will visit and commemorate ‘Mboko Day’.

While announcing the same, Rapper Jovi wrote, “In commemoration of Feb 16, dubbed ‘Mboko Day’, the Mboko Gang will be visiting ‘College Tankou’ in Bafoussam on Saturday the 17th of February, at 10 a.m. for the ‘One Girl = One Pad’ campaign.”


Jovi is making the distribution under the campaign One Girl = One Pad, which follows the theme ‘We didn’t ask for Periods and we can’t stop it’.

The organisers shared the poster with the title Mboko Gang/ Be Period Positive and said, In respect of the One Girl, One Pad sensitization campaign, The Mboko Gang movement and Be Period Positive are to visit the College de la reunification Tankou in Baffousam.

Last year, in 2023, the Mboko gang visited the Ebolowa Central Prison to celebrate and show love to the inmates in that particular part of the country.

Notably, the Mboko Gang has been doing this for years now. In 2024, they are pushing the culture and impacting the community positively.

Poster shared by Jovi of Mboko Day campaign One Girl=One Pad
A poster shared by Jovi of Mboko Day campaign One Girl=One Pad

Jovi received comments as soon as he announced about the good cause. Social media users reacted and responded positively.

A public figure, ASKIA, responded, “Bafoussam, here we come.”


Another social media user with the username El Problem official commented, “Theme: We didn’t ask for periods and we can stop it. Who so ever come up with that too know the book.”

A person named Suinyuy Ian commented, “For the love of our community.”

Another person, Jack Napier, appreciated and wrote, “Very kind initiative.”

A user, Bertrand Samba, expressed, “Mboko god and the Mboko Gang family care more about humanity, your legacy till eternity.”

Social media user Elvis Gamnje commented, “You too much, a great idea, Mboko. We move 2035.”

Hanish Nyingka praised Jovi and said, “Legend, you shall live long.”