Salam TV, Movit launch the annual Omumanyi Wa

Salam TV and Movit have launched the annual Omumanyi Wa Salam initiative to share with Muslims during Ramadan.

Omumanyi Wa Salam is a live televised quiz program that airs on Salam TV during Ramadan.


The month-long initiative is planned to check believers’ minds on current affairs. 

During the competition, Muslims are tested on religious matters, financial issues, and Ugandan history, among other things, and the winners are lavishly rewarded.

While speaking at the press conference to found the initiative, as per the Movit brand manager, ‘Stephen Adinyai’ said that Movit is happy to be part of the initiative because it delivers an opportunity for the brand in order to share with Muslims during the holy month. 

The Supreme Kadhi of Kampala, Habib Luswabi, praised Salam TV that they are teaching Muslims about the Quran throughout its programs. 

“It is good to have such initiative because it boosts Muslims’ Iman (faith),” he said.

Joe Kigozi, the Next Media deputy CEO, briefed that this initiative will help teach a culture of reading in communities and added that this is the second year it is being held. 


Karim Kaliisa, the general manager of Salam TV, emphasized a series of other initiatives happening during Ramadhan.

About Salam TV :

Salaam TV is an autonomous satellite television channel dedicated to providing Shia Islamic programming. Salaam TV was founded in early 2005 by Hajj Sheikh Mohammad Hedayati. The channel’s takeoff date intentionally coincided with the Eid of Ghadeer.

Salam TV is located in Kampala, Uganda, and its headquarters is in Next Media Park, Plot 13, summit view Road, Naguru, Kampala, Uganda. The language they used in their shows is commonly local languages or English, Luganda, Arabic. 

Salaam TV was originally available through satellite television throughout most of North America (specifically, the United States and Canada). Since its founding, Salaam TV has always been available internationally, as it is viewable free of charge through the official Salaam TV website.