Gaddafi mosque develops cracks, needs urgent renovation

According to the general secretary of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC), Ramadhan Mugalu, the Gaddafi National Mosque has been contained with cracks and needs urgent renovation.

Mugalu told journalists that reputable engineers had informed him that massive structures like the Gaddafi mosque settle on the ground and start developing cracks ten years after their completion.


As per the advice of Technicians that renovation should be done immediately without wasting any time; otherwise, there is a chance of serious damage to the building, “Mugalu stated that while addressing the media, UMSC had already worked out a mechanism on how the rehabilitation works will be carried out as was agreed upon in the protocol between UMSC and World Islamic Call Society (WICS) during the reign of the late Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi.

Mugalu stated, “We all are aware of what has happened to our brothers in Libya since the demise of President Gaddafi.”

He further stated that in 2016, President Museveni visited UMSC headquarters received notice of cracks, and then they promised to give the funds for the renovation works through the UPDF construction brigade.

He used the same briefing information in order to inform the broader public about the ongoing UMSC Constitution Amendment exercise, saying it is going on smoothly.

As per the explanation by Mugalu that the commissioners divided into four teams, each was covering a total of two regions in the whole country, have so far registered overwhelming support from Muslims who willingly submit their proposals on their proposed constitutional amendment.

In the end, Mulago stated that there is no hidden agenda in the revision of the constitution, as a small section of Muslims were alleging.