Gov’t finally allocates funds for Oulanyah burial

Africa: According to the Director of Communication and Public Affairs at Parliament, ‘Chris Obore’ the government has finally released Shs1.2 billion to Parliamentary Commission for the burial arrangements of late Speaker Jacob Oulanyah’.

“Now, Finance Minister has released Shs 1.2 billion of the Parliamentary Commission for burial arrangements of late Speaker Jacob Oulanyah. As per the tweet, in which they stated that the commission would work with NOC in order to ensure decent sendoff,” said Obore.

Furthermore, he stated that the newly elected speaker ‘Anita Among’ and clerk to Parliament Adolf Mwesige’ had marshaled all efforts to support the national organizing committee.

Meanwhile, the Acholi Parliamentary Group is enraged after the Ministry of Finance informed it that it will not receive any funds to prepare for the burial of former Speaker Jacob Oulanyah.

Moreover, the group has been criticizing the delays which occurred in funds for the burial of Oulanyah. After the public raised their voice or outcry, the government cut the budget from Shs 2.5 billion to shs 1.8 billion, and now they have confirmed it at Shs 1.2 billion.

According to Anthony Akol, the group chairperson who is also the Kilak North MP, the situation was frustrating, and with too much pressure from the district organizing committees in Lalogi village, they have restored it by using their own money in a bid to facilitate some of the activities on the ground.

He further revealed that the Acholi MPs had been given at least Shs 2 million so that we could facilitate activities like the Bwola dancers who have been since pitched camp in Kampala.

Today, the Oulanyah body will be taken to the Parliament for MPs so that MPs can pay their final respects.

Tomorrow, there will be a state funeral for Oulanyah at Kololo ceremonial grounds.

The burying will be held on April 8 at his traditional home at Lalogi village in Omoro, and the day will be considered as a public holiday.