South Africa: Over 70 people lost lives due to Tropical Storm Ana

A storm hit the three southern African countries, and their death toll reached 70 on January 27 (Thursday). The authorities and emergency team are under pressure to repair the damaged infrastructure and help tens of thousands of victims.

Packing torrential rains, Tropical Storm Ana made landfall Monday in Madagascar before pushing into Mozambique and Malawi.


Rescue workers and the government of Africa, affected three countries, were still measuring the complete measurement of the damage that happened.

Moreover, Madagascar is the one country that has reported 41 total deaths, whereas 18 others were killed in Mozambique and 11 deaths in Malawi.

The remaining storm has passed over Zimbabwe, but no deaths have been reported.

The hardest-hit storms damaged tens of thousands of people homes. Some collapsed under the heavy rain, trapping victims in the garbage.

Bridges were washed away by inflated rivers while livestock flooded and dipped fields, destroying the lives of those families who lived in villages.

In the country of Madagascar, nearly 110,000 had to run from their home to save themselves. In the capital Antananarivo, they turned the gym and schools into emergency shelters.


According to “Berthine Razafiarisoa,” who are living in a gym with his ten family members, said that “We only brought the essential items here.”

In northern and central Mozambique, Ana destroyed 10,000 homes, dozens of schools and hospitals washed away with the storm, and the power lines vanished.

However, the weather experts of Mozambique’s expects to have a storm from the Indian Ocean in the upcoming days, and Up to six tropical cyclones are also expected before the rainy season ends in March.

In the neighbouring country, the “Malawi” government announced a state of natural disaster.

Moreover, most countries faced long electric cuts early this week, after the floodwater hits the power generating stations.

However, the power cut problem was resolved on Thursday, but parts of the electric grid were destroyed.

According to the power utility, “Our first preference now is to restore power to health establishments, water treatment distribution system, and schools.”

Southern Africa, especially in Mozambique, has suffered continuous destructive thunderstorms for many past years.

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