Sudan military chief discloses new ministers appointments amid anti-coup protests

Sudan military chief General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan shortlisted 15 ministers in the government and further announced that the Sovereign Council, Sudan military chief, ministerial appointments as anti-coup protest continues on January 20.

The appointments of chief General Burhan’s, most of whom have been ranked-up by former Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok, includes names Ali Sadek Ali for the foreign ministry and Mohammed Abdallah Mahmoud for the energy portfolio. However, no other names were announced for prime minister, defence minister or interior ministers.

Behind a failed bid of Hamdok to recover some civilian control following the coup, the UN has been trying to negotiate between the conflicting sections.

Before January 20, the panel agreed with a US delegation to create an independent national government of technocrats and to find a comprehensive national dialogue to resolve the latest political conflicts.

In a formal statement, Sudan’s ruling council assured the need for nationwide discussion, a technocratic Cabinet, and adjustments to a transitional constitutional document negotiated after former leader Omar Al-Bashir’s ousting in a 2019 uprising.

Meanwhile, the Sudanese head of judiciary and judges criticised the brutality against anti-military protestors in a public statement.

Till now, over 72 people have died, and 2000 have been injured as security forces smashed down on regular protests since a military takeover of Sudan from October 25, as per medics concerned with the demonstration.

As per the statement from all 55 judges of Sudan, the military leaders had revoked agreements and covenants since the October 25 coup, as they always carried out cruel violations against defenceless protestors.

Even they called for the end of the violence and criminal inquiry into the matter.

According to the constitution of the right of citizens. “We are from judiciary affirm, and that’s why we will not hesitate to take the measures we have the authority to protect our citizens’ lives and constitutional rights.”

However, over 100 protestors have announced that they would not continue their work from January 20 for security forces to cease violations and lift the state of emergency. They added security forces are not doing their duty to protect citizens.

However, security forces hadd not stopped putting protestors under the havoc of tear gas.

Many protestors gathered in front of the UN headquarters in Khartoum with banners.