KZN first composite title deed handover boosts Community Prosperity

Shallcross, KwaZulu Natal: KZN will witness their first-ever handover of a composite title deed for the institutional, wholesale benefit of a community in eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality since the start of the ongoing title deed on Tuesday Campaign in September.

Botswana Prison gifts Kgotla Shelter to McCarthy Rust

Botswana: The Kgotla system is a platform for regular discussions, consultations and exchange of ideas on major community or national issues among citizens. Traditionally, it is charged with the responsibility of building the nation and social cohesion, with the wider purpose of promoting harmony among the communities. 

Kenya Green Zones Project to accelerate seedlings production

Kenya: The Green Zones Development Support Project Phase II (GZDSP II) Manager, Jerome Mwanzia has said that the project will build an additional four model tree nurseries with an annual production capacity of 1.5 million seedlings each.

Zambia Air Force commander aims for safer Zambian skies

Zambia: The Zambia Air Force (ZAF) Commander, Lt Gen Colin Barry, Wednesday morning took time to visit the Flying Training School (FTS) in Livingstone and took part in a flight safety training exercise involving the SF260 TW pilot trainer aircraft.

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Africa Weather Forecast launches weekly summary

Africa: Africa Weather Forecast launched their climate summary for this week from 20 to 26 of November, in which they reported a strong cold front in the west is bringing very strong NW winds into the central Cape interior, light rainfall in the west and scattered thunderstorms over the central interior on Monday and Tuesday. 

South Africa braces for intense weather with arrival of Cut-Off Low

South Africa: A strong Cut-Off Low (COL) arrived in the west yesterday, bringing intense inclement weather, including light snowfall, heavy rainfall, and strong winds. These conditions are expected to continue throughout the weekend until next week Wednesday, primarily affecting the Cape and central interior.

Africa Weather Forecast weekly report predicts intense showers over central parts

Africa: Africa Weather Forecast launched their weekly summary (16-22 Jan 2023). As per African weather reports, a few storms in the south in the first part of the week, followed by more intense showers over the central and eastern parts later in the week.