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Gaborone: CCP projects launched in Bonnington North

The government of Botswana has launched Constituency Community Projects in Gaborone Bonnington North Constituency.

Cape Town’s CBD auction to increase employment

Cape Town's Economic Growth Directorate is all ready to auction a lease opportunity of the bulk development rights on the Foreshore Tower site.

Father sexually assaults daughters in Hazelmere – KZN

Sexual assault against two sisters by their father came to light after the victims confided in a family member on Saturday afternoon.

Gaborone: Austin Abraham applauds Bw Jobs 4 Graduates

The Mayor of Gaborone City Austin Abraham has commended BW JOBS 4 GRADUATES for their dedication and commitment

Botswana MYSC celebrates International Youth Day

Botswana: Ministry of Youth, Gender, Sport and Culture, through the Botswana National Youth Council, commemorated International Youth Day in Tsamaya Village in the North East District over the weekend.