Botswana Minister Tumiso Rakgare urges Private Sector to boost Sports Development

Botswana: The Minister of Youth, Gender, Sport and Culture, Tumiso Rakgare, has called on private companies to support sports development through their Community Social Responsibility (CSR) policies. The Minister made the call during Liberty Life Botswana's 15 Years of business, adding that prioritizing and partnering with sports will amplify development opportunities for Batswana.

So Long: A Poetry by Kevin Isaac

I know you’re gone But I still hear your laughter ringing off the walls. I feel you intently as your fresh, hearty giggles stop by for a light breakfast. I still remember the lyrical softness of French music playing in the background as its rhythms dance tenderly with warm images of you on my mind.

Botswana District Commissioner urges Vigilance to Prevent Victimization

Botswana: Serowe District Commissioner Angelinah Leano has said community relationship with the police is a corner stone in the fight against crime.

Botswana police donates 80th House to Ontlametse Chominyana in Sesung Village

Botswana: The Botswana Police Service (BPS), through its social responsibility programme, donated the 80th house to Ontlametse Chominyana in Sesung village yesterday (22/09/2023).

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Commissioner Dinah Marathe finalizes Botswana Prison Service’s Annual Plan

Botswana: Commissioner of Prisons, Commissioner Dinah Marathe, has said that alignment to the Annual Performance Plan is crucial in ensuring that the Prison Service attains all the set objectives for the current financial year.

Mauritius Ministers submit proposals ahead of 2023-2024 Budget

Mauritius: The policy dialogue in the context of the preparation of the 2023-2024 Budget continued yesterday, in Port Louis, with the submission of proposals by several Ministers to the Minister of Finance, Economic Planning and Development, Dr Renganaden Padayachy.

Botswana Prison service to enhance its services through safe custodial care

Botswana: Yesterday marked a very important milestone in the Botswana Prison Service as it committed to enhancing its services to Botswana through safe custodial care, offender rehabilitation and reintegration.

STLM embarks on systematic planning ahead of new financial year

South Africa: Steve Tshwete Local Municipality (STLM) has embarked on a systematic planning way ahead of the new financial year, which kicks off on 1 July 2023 for the 2023-2024 financial year.

Mpumalanga Department of Edu takes note to revise 2023 budget allocations

South Africa: The Mpumalanga Department of Education has noted the gazette published this week in terms of the Division of Revenue Act, 2022 (Act no: 5 of 2022) as amended, which provides information on adjustments to existing allocations to provinces in the 2022/23 financial year.