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Cape Town partnership programmes creates over 32000 jobs

Cape Town generally provides funding to the organisations in several industries to drive investment promotion, research and develop skills for residents and SMMEs.

Youth in Tsabong engages Ministry and BNYC on Local concerns

The youth from Tsabong and neighbouring villages gathered at the Ministry of Youth, Gender and Culture department in Tsabong on Thursday to discuss issues that affect them daily. They joined the meeting with the BNYC board members.

Over 26K jobs developed with 20 events hosted by Cape Town in 2023

As per the sources, the city has recorded nearly R4 Billion economic boost from the events organised in the year 2023.

Proflight Zambia announces Security Office Vacancy

Zambia based Proflight Zambia is inviting applications from suitably qualified and experienced security office candidates

Zambia Public Service Commission embarks on validation on 3000 mah jobs

Zambia: The Public Service Commission has embarked on the validation of the 3,000 candidates who have been selected to fill various vacancies under the Ministry of Health in various provinces.