The Classic Volkswagen Continues to Rule the Anchorage Car Scene

When Bill Crawford redid his car, little did he realize that he would make heads spin. The 83-year old retired Chevron senior marketing representative has made Anchorage, Alaska, his home.

Crawford purchased this iconic car from his widowed aunt

Crawford grew up developing a soft corner for one of his uncles named Al Guerard. His uncle was the owner of the 1960 Volkswagen makes Karmann Ghia. After the demise of his uncle in 1981, Crawford expressed his desire to purchase the car from his widowed aunt, and the rest is history.

Knowing well how much the car meant to Crawford, his aunt gave it to him. The car was picked up from Pebble Beach, California, where his aunt resided. On a barge, the vehicle was transported to Alaska, his home.

The car collection atmosphere in Alaska is unbelievable and seasonal

Stating that Alaska experiences four seasons, Crawford added that he moved into the city with his wife in 1977. During the summer season that year, he was somewhat surprised to learn that several residents owned many classic cars. He describes the car collection atmosphere in Alaska as unbelievable and seasonal.

Alaska is home to not so many Karmann Ghias’s

In Alaska, one can glimpse of classic cars like Porsche s, Volks Wagen’s, and British cars. At the same time, the city of Alaska is home to not so many Karmann Ghias’s. Ironically, when this car was manufactured between 1955 and 1974, there were many of them on the roads back then. Most of the vehicles that the company built were sold in the U.S. The modern-day generation has little knowledge about the car and its history.

Crawford’s car has won many awards at car shows

Stating that Crawford drives his car on sunny days, he adds that his iconic vehicle has won many awards at car shows in the last four decades. The trophies, too, have a home. The awards are placed in his heated garage. Crawford’s Karmann Ghias shares the space with the trophies lined up in his garage during the winter season. Then, come summer, the owner hits the road with his car.