Tomorrow: A Poetry by Kevin Isaac

Tomorrow: A Poetry by Kevin Isaac
Tomorrow: A Poetry by Kevin Isaac Image credit: Facebook

Because tomorrow is now
take a bit more time and inhale daylight.
Soak up the sun;
and ingest the fragrant memories of lighter days.
Let the rains pretend to kiss your face until your eyes no longer know tears.

Because tomorrow is now
kick off your shoes, kick up your heels and turn up the music way beyond loud.
Close your eyes until the sounds seep into your skin
and wrap you like a velvet blanket.
Then have one more dance.


Because tomorrow is now
Take a load off – your shoulders.
Relax. Allow someone else
to carry the weight that has been your companion for so long.
This is no longer your cross to bear.

Because tomorrow is now
eat, drink and make merriment.
Spread out on the beach and play sand angels.
Try to taste morsels of moonlight
and feast slowly on the stars.
Let the fresh scents of a morning dew bathe and serenade you in the perfumes of flowers that stroll pass your face.

Because tomorrow is now
Look life in the eyes and breathe deep, deep breaths.
Make sure to retain only the sweet aftertastes of a journey well-travelled.
Say all the things you’ve been meaning to say; and hold time in a giant bear hug.

Because tomorrow is now
Sit. Smile for as long as you can.
Let the friendly chatter of birds and the melodies of trees caress you like a gentle breeze…

Take time to hug…
Before you leave.
Because tomorrow is now