Tunisia organized 7th Journees Musicales de Carthage

After a year off in 2020, Tunisia held the 7th edition of the JMC (Journees Musicales de Carthage).

The gathering has become an attraction for African and Arab performers.


Forty groups from twenty countries participated in live music and online events in this hybrid edition.

Nour Project, for example, is an Egyptian jazz band that wowed the crowd with their combination of west and eastern music.

All musicians brought together from different backgrounds to perform a kind of music that entertains the public or listeners and touches their hearts, said Egyptian saxophonist Nour Ashour.

According to Nouar Ashour, the Egyptian musician, “This is music that automatically comes from the heart. It is a mixture of music from Egypt, Africa, Alexandria, and the Mediterranean. It’s a mash-up of tunes and beats. These are the thoughts that we wish to share with the rest of the world.

At the age of 10 years, old Khoudia Diop began to make music in her home town of Rosso in the south of Mauritania. Via her songs, she showed a solid conviction to battle for the cause of children. At just 14, she became a UNICEF(United Nation Children’s Fund) goodwill ambassador for children’s rights.

According to Lamented Khoudia Diop, “I always wanted to sing just to create awareness; I always wanted to change things. My motive is to protect women’s rights, children’s rights, to protect the rights of girls. I have always created music that is committed because there are too many girls who are raped, and there is still no justice to them.”


“We are African not only in terms of Geography but also in terms of being a part of Africa. The Hausa legacy on which I work is primarily African, a wholly African heritage as evidenced by the colour codes we have. It’s an invitation that immediately immerses us in Tunisia’s Africanness; Tunisia is African “Mohamed Ben Slama, a Tunisian artist, is defended.

The seventh edition of JMC has kept its promises, and Tunisian music lovers are already looking forward to the 8th edition in 2022.

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