Twitter is testing a feature that targets inactive users every month

The Twitter platform is testing a new feature that shows the user’s monthly tweet rate on the platform along with the total tweets posted on the account in an effort to reduce fake accounts that are at the heart of the dispute between the platform and American businessman Elon Musk.

The company attributed the new experimental feature to its desire to provide a clearer picture to users about the accounts of those they follow, to encourage them to interact for a longer time on the Twitter network.


And one of News Channel quoted social media expert Mohammed Al-Harthy, as saying that the reason is due to “the constant threats of businessman Elon Musk to the network, who stated that Twitter will eventually have to reveal more information about fake accounts and spam.”

The Twitter platform is engaged in a legal battle against Musk, against the backdrop of his withdrawal from the $44 billion acquisition of the platform and his claim that the company failed to provide data on the method for calculating fake accounts, which he sees as many to the extent that it harms advertising revenue.

On July 7, the Twitter administration announced that it deletes more than one million fake accounts every day to strengthen its position against Musk, and the platform claims that fake accounts amount to only 5 percent of the number of users who follow ads.

And based on the new feature, “Twitter will start sending notifications to the user if his rate of participation on the platform decreases, reminding him of the rate of monthly tweets and urging him to increase interaction.”

Accordingly, “increasing the number of daily active Twitter users is the network’s goal of any new features it introduces; Because the return is measured by the size of the interaction and the number of active users during the hour and throughout the day compared to the number of subscribers to the platform, and then it strengthens its profitable business model based on revenue from advertisements, especially since Twitter suffers from poor access to certain groups of its platforms unlike Facebook, which is more attractive to users.

The number of daily active Twitter users reached 237.8 million, while the number of Facebook users reached 1.93 billion daily active users.


A study conducted by the Pew Research Institute in 2019 showed that only 10 percent of Twitter users are responsible for 80 percent of the tweets, while the average user tweets twice a month.

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