Is Donald Trump back on Twitter?

There is a doubt and rumour about whether Donald Trump will be back on Twitter or not after his permanent suspension in 2021. First, the audience is unsure if or when the new owner of the social media platform, “Elon Musk”, will lift the ban, and on the other hand, Trump has stated that he is not going to join Twitter again. 

Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Bosco Kainerugaba served as the commander of the Uganda People’s Defence Force’s land forces and was previously the commander of the Special Forces Command also tweeted, “Is he back on Twitter? This is the only white man I have ever respected! H.E. Donald Trump.”


In response to the kainerugaba tweet, several people left their remarks:

On one of the pages, Jordan Posts wrote, “Elon is soon bringing back his account since free speech is allowed! A man who always speaks his mind !” 

Stephen Bunyeny stated, “Leadership is drunk, is trained and its a talent. Why cannot us learn from other leaders like Madela and other Developed countries’ politics.” 

Some people also replied to Kainerugaba’s tweet, “Are you forget the time when he promised to arrest your father and the late Mugabe.”

Some were tweeting in favour of Donald Trump, “I love Trump so much. Elon Musk should reinstate his account.”

Some tweets also support Trump a lot and state that he is going to rule America again. 

Radio MD said, “Balaam Barugahara Ateenyi”, “My favourite President ever! He encouraged Africans to learn to solve their own problems & And he was for his country America First at all times. God bless him, Donald Trump.”

However, Donald Trump’s interview with CNBC speaks about something else, and his own point of view to join twitter again is not in favour of the audience. 


“I was disappointed by how Twitter treated me,” Trump told CNBC on April 25, 2022. “I won’t be going back on Twitter.”